Welcome to Mcfars Laboratories!
Founded in 2012, we provide the citizens of ValleyVille, and the world, with incredible gadgets and technology!

We hope you'll enjoy today's featured invention! Presenting... the Mcfars Labs "Movie ViewCorder!"

It's a modified Fischer-Price Movie Viewer (1973) with an added
trigger button that has the option to record onto blank film cartridges!

The film only lasts about a minute, though, and the speed at
which you can record depends on how fast you crank the handle,
so don't expect to see a lot of 30-frame-per-second films.

Who knows when it could come in handy? It's sensitive to light,
with the exposure intake on the side allowing for better shooting
in daylight. You can also crank just once to capture an image!
It makes a great camera when all else fails.

This concludes today's featured invention!
Be sure to check back soon to see what else we've produced over the years!
And always remember to practice proper safety when using some of these inventions!
Only use them with parental supervision. If you are over 18, just don't be an idiot. It's pretty simple.
Mcfars Labs is NOT responsible for any damage, disintegration, or death that may occur as a result of using these products.
But enough of the warnings - remember, most of all, to HAVE FUN!
-Your Good Pal, Shegemi.

You can check out some more of our fabulous inventions below!
As of now, however, they're only available to ValleyVille locals. Sorry about that!

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